Stu Harris on the issues

Stu Harris supports quality public education

Stu Harris: Good Schools

As a parent and member of the Dublin School Board, Stu Harris knows the importance of a quality education for all children. He supports fair funding and local control in education.


Stu Harris: Jobs

Good jobs with a decent paycheck are Stu Harris’ top priority. He will work with business and community leaders to reduce barriers to economic development.

Stu Harris supports job creation.

Stu Harris will fight the drug crisis.

Stu Harris. Fighting the Drug Crisis.

The drug crisis is real and it’s growing, costing lives and devastating families. Stu Harris supports tougher penalties for drug dealers and will work to craft meaningful solutions to save lives and protect our children and community.


Stu Harris: Protecting Our Tax Dollars

Central Ohioans work hard to earn a living. Stu Harris will hold government bureaucrats accountable and protect your tax dollars.

Stu Harris will protect our tax dollars.